30 Necessary Website and short Working Description

Today I share 50 necessary websites Link and its short description. You can use those website for  both personal and Commercial purpose. Website Links Here

1. - Here you can record video by desktop and publish in Youtube directly. all videos are unique
2. - Using this website you can take full screenshot of your website

3.  - short any big link from here without any resistation

4. - see any youtube video in full screen from here

5. - Translate any language to any language

6. - short link convert to original link or see original link of any short link

7. see time of any location

8. - see all tool of office like format,template, font etc

9. - see page rank and seo tips of your website by one click

10. - Get all answer of your question without any search

11. -print any web page from here

12. - see any down website easily for much visitors

13. - see any PDF presentation directly in browser

14. - upload videos at a time in all site with Youtube

15. - Popular search engine for video search

16. - share your COMPUTER Screen live with others

17. -Copy text from Picture and PDF FILE Using this website

18. - share code and text in online

19. - check spell and grammatical of your article from here

20. - chat with all id at a time like Facebook, skype etc

21. - edit pdf directly from browser

22. - Transfer your file any where without Upload any server

23. - setup your privete chat room

25. - see any website hosting information

26. - see your google browsing history - Uncompress any compress file

28. - Make movie in online with your audio and Video

29. - Edit Audio in online and make remix

30. - Make music in online

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