Dear BD Friends,  today I want to go share a trick for GP free internet. this trick is for GP internet for PC.
For use free internet in your pc you do not do more work. you need gp wap setting in your browser. so just complete below task by following my instructions.
  • At  first download this software 1  >> Click Me
  • Now configure your Modem  with gpwap 
  • Now connect with internet
  • Open the Downloaded software(1) and click on Listen, then minimize it.
Bangla book  free download  >>>CLICK HERE
Now you need to configure your browser and others software :
Mozila :
Go to
Option+> advanced>settings              then set like below

set proxy and port other software.

 You done all step successfully
You need to open a link on any one tab in your browser and keep it always          Link Here
IF you like my trick please share it with your friends and don't forget to go below link.

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