Don't Miss : Facebook keyboard shortcuts
Hello Friends today I share a great trick about Facebook, today trick for "Convert profile to page".
It is so tap to get more likes in newly created Facebook page,But nowadays Facebook get you a change convert your Facebook profile to Facebook page. your all friend and followers  are converted like.
example: you  have 5000 friends and 1000 followers, if you convert profile to page you get 6000 likes. many facebook user still not know how to do it. so read this post and follow instructions care fully.
Follow below steps for it :
  • First go to Here 
  • Then choose your brand /category like sceenshot.
  • Then you see a warning about loosing your all personal data
  • then you will need enter your password and click in confirm.
  • After this step you need to follow those steps what you will follow creating any new is so simply.
Now you get a Facebook page with like converted from your profile friends and followers.

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