Hello, today I will share how to get master card free. So follow this post for free master card.
Advantages :
  • 100% original masterCard will sent to you.
  • you will use is masterCard for shoping in all website like Amazon, Hostgator, Godaddy, Namechep etc.
  • You can verify Facebook, eBay, PayPal, adwards with this master card.
  • You can transfer money from PayPal and others banking system.
  • Get a free bank account in USA.
  • You can cash out from any ATM booth in world.
  • This card is issue for your name.
  • if you 100 dollar transfer to mastercard you get $25 bonus.

How To Get Master Card

# step-1

  • First go to this link    Click Me
  • now click in sign up
  • Now give your personal detail according to your national ID card.
  • If your name is Md. Ataur Rahman , you need to write your name without dot (.). First name: Md Ataur      Last name:  Rahman
  • Now click on finish.
For postal code  go here  Postal code Link
# step-ii : Now click in step ii and put information then click finish
# step-iii : go to step iii and complete this step by clicking on finish.
You have successfully complete first step.
you can see your mastercard application status from .


  • After some hours you get a email from payoneer for confirmation your identify.
    • now take 2 picture of your National ID Card. one in front side others from back.
    • give picture easy name like dipto1.jpg and dipto2.jpg.
    • now click upload link in confirmation email and upload those pictures of your ID.


  • After 7-10 days a letter with master card sent to you. check your card sent to you or not by log in
  • After 2 -5 week you get this letter.
  • after get this card, active it from give a pin number.
Now you can transfer money in this card, add $100 and get $25 free.

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