Welcome BD internet users! today I write this post for 3G.
Here I share how to use 3G internet through title mentioned oprators.

Follow steps for it.

1.At first check your hand is 3G enabled 

 Select your handset/mobile brand name >> 1
then select model in below box.

see below picture for it.

 If your hand set is 3G enabled you see below picture

 2. Now buy a 3G Package.

Robi 3G Package
Banglalink 3G package

3. now off and on your handset.

use 3G internet.
if it still not work you need to enable 3G  under setting option in your device.
N.B: you must have in 3G Coverage area

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  1. Hi! I am Banglalink user.Now i am very excited after knowing the system of using Banglalink 3G internet network by your site.many many thanks for sharing this post.