Many user use  Banglalink free net now . So this trick for how to use banglalink free net. . this trick For loading large files .if you want to use  Banglalink free net  just follow the way.

  • Go to first * 5000 # .
  • Then click the 2 to  3G  Enable.  
  • active or buy  a pack MB.   That those who play  they packet  Dial * 222 * 1 * 7 # With the purchase of 5 MB 2tk.

  • Now download this opera

Opera Mod

Setting method of the Opera

  • Opera 7.1:

  • Open the Opera  then go to Handler menu     Click the browser setting .
  • In the main server        That are stored in the clear.     then wrote:

mini5.opera -

  • In the secondary server    That is, for deletion  and write :

  • Please install to save   Unlimited downloading .

Opera 5 :

  • Open Opera 5 .   In the main server  For clearly . then    write
who oversaw the secondary serverPlease write and clear. :
socket :/ /
Day public mobile instala development. Take any probe or configuration. , Now , press # 8. And advanced to the http net oryaka . Then go to any site. Which file Download Day . Download starts instantly , stopping days. then setting the decision network protocol . And resume the download . If  does not download see the  restart download . is one thing you should keep in mind when browsing the HTTP protocol and taken downloaded. KB ' 'll just hang here .no need any  MB for download.

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  2. The site is really nice.But post is outdated.where is best free gp net trick?