Live traffic feed is a excellent widget for blogger,WordPress and website. if you place it in your blog you and you visitors see who visit your website from where and which post they see. it help to incress page views in your blog because visitors see others visit history. it also incress the beauty of your blog side bar. so let's
know how to do it.

Add a free Live Traffic Feed

1. Go to  Free Live Traffic
2.  click on Click to Select for color setting. 1
3. select width to incress option 2
4. next option select number of traffic feed and check the box where visitors come from
5. now select your platform from option 3
6. for blogger check blogger option if you add it automatically.
If you add it manually in your blog then select other blog or website.
7. for automatically setup now click on  GO and follow next step it very easy.
 See blew screen shot and do it carefully

For manually check other blog or website and click on GO 
1. Copy the HTML code in next page
9. go to your blog Layout and select a add a gadget 
10 . now select HTML/Javascript widget
11. now paste the copied code.
12. click on Save and views what is change your blog or website.

its a free software that means cost free widget
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