Today I will share nice and effective trick about Gp free net.following this rules you use free browsing and better download speed for pc
Just follow blew steps for all gp subscriber free net

GP Free Net

1.   Header Inject Query” zip file      Download from here 

2. Extract Header Inject Query ZIP file and you get here 1 configure file and software file

3. now connect your modem with pc in use gp wap

4. now open Proxifire and set Proxy – port- 8080 , Type- HTTPS

 5. now go to profile >> Proxification Rules>> click on Add and connect Header Inject Query
see blew picture how to do it

now minimize this sofware and go to other
6. Click on start in Header Inject Query

7. Please do not use proxy in browser and IDM

8. For directly use google write about:config   in  Firefox address bar then enter . now click on
 I’ll be careful, I promise!  then click on . about:config  - window >> New- String
give name for preferece : general.useragent.override     
value:   Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

now clear  cache , cookies in your browser and try 

enjoy free net 

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  1. Vaia Amar PC Te 1st ER softower support kortase na....

    Default.ihq lakha thake and open hot na

  2. Thanks for share . Nowadays this trick is not working . In time i give a link This trick is working .

    Gp free net no Disconnect

  3. That's nice share . I use it but in time you can get free net bd from here Robi Free Net 2017

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