Today I share a trick which is" How stop or disable tracking or counting your own page views". it is a very useful option to know accurate visitors or page views in your blog. we need to visit or page views our own blog many times in a day.because we want to how look the post after publish a new post.we also  need to visit own page for reply visitor comments.blogger has not useful  automatic tracking system which stop your own page views.but there is a option for tracking or stop tracking your own pageview.

we know it is most helpful trick for newbies in blogger to know how popular their blog like me.

so now we do this easily.


Do blew steps carefully for stop tracking own pageviews

1. go to your blog dashboard
2. Go to >>stars>>overview

3. now you see here in right side blew picture and click on marking option.

4. see blew image and carefully follow instruction

5. check on Don't track my page views if you want to stop tracking your own page views.

6. check on Track my page views  if you want to track your own pageviews.

7. click on Save

do this again if you use another browser for visit your blog . do this from this browser also.

Yahoooo you really done it

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