After create a website or blog everyone want to get visitors. you can get visitor in many way in web. but the most effective and popular way is Search Engine. this is the best way to make a website or blog popular.
Now a days 90% internet users use  search engine for any thing around the web world.
so you can get more more and more visitor from search engine.
 now you need to submit your website or blog in search engine. today we submit your site in 4 search engine

How To Submit URL In Search Engine

Following blew steps you can submit your website in 4 search engine. 

Submit you website in Google

Google is the top search engine in the internet. most of all search through it.
submit you site in google by completing blew steps
1. go to this link google site submit 
2. complete the steps in picture

Submit your website in Bing

1. now go to here Bing site submit
2.type you website url
3. type captca code
4. submit

Yahoo site submission

1. go here yahoo site submit click Submit Your Site for Free
3. now you are redirecting to Bing

Ask site submit


It is not possible to submit a website to Although is a search engine, it is a search engine with a difference. It is a questions and answers based search engine.

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