we are many times see a translator option in many blog or website. it helps visitor translate website or blog to desire language. you can use it for your blog or website. here I share how to add it in your blogger blog.
It is very easy to do this.

Add google website translator in your blog

you can add google website translator by following blew steps:

1. Go to here >> Google website translator  
2. sign in with gmail then click on Add to your website now  .see blew picture

3. now type your website url ( on marked 1 then click next see blew page select all language  if you translate only your selected language then check the language box.
5. click in get code . now you see next picture like it

6. copy this code and go to you blog layout and click add a Gadget, then select text  like blew

7. paste here your copied translator code and click save.
congrasulation  you successfully done it

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