If you have a website or blog and you want to make money with it every one suggest you publish adsense ads in you blog/website. So make money with your blog you need to an approval adsense account. but now a days it is very deficult  to approve an  adsense account from bangladesh , india, sri-lanka ,malayasia.
so today we approve an adsense account from those countries.
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How to approve adsense from Bangladesh 

Now we approve adsense by youtube and then linked to blogger or website
1. you need a new gmail account(it's means you not try for adsense with this gmail )
See for : How to create a gmail ID
2. Log in Youtube with this gmail id and password upload a unique video (don't use downloaded video, make a video with mobile)
4.Now go to My Channel>> click on your video title>> Channel Setting>>Select United State as your country as the images below

5   .Some countries youtube moneties not support. it aslo not support in bangladesh.
so we select here united states. don't wairry  when we apply for adsense select Bangladesh

6. go to To Monetize your Video Channel
7. now Enable your video channel for monetization like blew picture

8. If you done above steps successfully  then you get a  confirmation email. if you get it now you able to apply for adsense through youtube.
9. now go to your Channel setting>> monetization >> in this page click How will I be paid see blew

10. now click on  “associate an Adsense account”  then click the NEXT
11. Now you will be redirected to Adsense
12.see here a contact information form like blew picture

12. fill up it  carefully with your legal information and don't forget to select Bangladesh as your Country.
        Country : Bangladesh.
13. Then click Submit

After 2-3 Hours you will get adsense approval confirmation email.

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