How to Add IP Address Widget

Add this widget in your blog doing blew steps
>> Go to your blog layout and  select Add A  Gadget  follow this arrow
[Blogger >> your blog >> Layout >>>  Add a Gadget ]
>> now  Select HTML/ Javascript click on [ + ]
>> paste blew code here

<div id="ipaddresse" style=" border-color:#EEEEDF; border:1px; border-style:groove; width:160px; padding:3px;">You are from <br />%%v_FLG%% %%v_IP%%<br />
%%v_CR%% ,%%v_RG%%, %%v_CI%% <br />
%%v_OS_IMG%% %%v_OS%%<br />
%%v_BRW_IMG%% %%v_BRW%%<br />
 %%v_I_RESO%% %%v_RESO%%  %%v_I_CLR%% %%v_CLR%%</div>
<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

>> now  click on  SAVE 

your widget looks like above picture

 if you faced any problem please comment

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