Favicon is the icon or logo of your website. your can adjust simple or animated favicon in your blogger blog.
 it help visitors to separeted  your blog from others in title bar. it also incaress your blog beauty.
you can do this easily. today i share how to do this. i share how you can turn a picture to favicon. see the
1. this is the default favicon in blogger.(1)
2. this favicon is after customize(2)

How to add a favicon in blogger


We do it by 2 steps

1. create and download favicon
2. add favicon in your blog

# step=1

I share here 2 website where you  will create your favicon

1. Favicon generator

This is a great website where you  can create your own picture turned favicon and choose a favicon from gallary. 
1. create favicon from your own picture. it is very easy. go here >> Favicon generator 
 see the blew photo.

1. browse or select a picture from  your computer.
>>  you can change Favicon  size.
2. now click in geneate Favicon
3. now click on Download Your favicon here. or see blew

>> now you successfully download logo  or favicon.

Download favicon from gallery

Go to  favicon gallery or see blew 

>> now select a favicon or Icon, logo and download it.


This website is  also a favicon generate website. here you can customize your favicon or logo as your wish.
1. Go to genfavicon  and select a picture from your computer then click on  upload image
2. editing picture by using mouse. then click capture & preview download  favicon from download favicon style. see blew picture

# step=2

>> now we add favicon in your log.
>> Go to your blog >> blog layout >> in 1st widget where you see blogger logo click here edit. like blew

>> now click on  browse and select your created or downloaded favicon  then click save. follow blew

>> now save arrangement and view blog to see changed favicon.

please comments if you feel any problem.

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  1. This is a best way to upload favicon to the "blogspot" website. There are many bloggers who have their logos but they still don't have the favicon.