Now GP Free internet  is not work, so today I share  how to use Banglalink free internet in PC with unlimited browsing and downloading.  so complete  blew process and enjoy free net

requirement  : 1. Banglalink sim.........1
                        2. active P1 package [type P1 and sent 3343  from massage option ]
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How to use Banglalink free net in PC

link : CLICK ME

2. Then Extract in it. download this  software also Proxifire soft
 Link : CLICK ME 
Then  Set up Proxifire and  open it.  for open it you need  put this serial key 


4. Now go to setting  >>   Tools >> options >> profile management
Then create a profile like this
 profile name=BL FREE
access number=*99# 

 now click in OK And Connect Modem
see blew screenshot 

5. Open Software   Inject Header Query  go to Main tab and go 'Use Query'  mark 'Use Proxy' then type
8080 before START 
6. dont click in  start       see blew picture  >>>>>>>>>>>>>

 7. now click in  2nd option SERVER  and put  1st box Proxy- and 8799 in 2nd box
then mark 
"Front option" in "net data"
8. now go to 4th tab and mark  'Front Query' then put ''
9. Then mark  'X-Online-H' and put here ''
10. now click on File Option and save it.
click in Start from main tab. and minimize it.

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   Now  open Proxifire 
11. go to profile >>'proxy servers'>> add >>ADDRESS     PORT    8080   >> HTTPS  >>OK

                                  See blew picture for how to do it

12. click again profile and check 'proxification Rules'  and  click on add box , then type IHQ in Empty box.

now select  'Inject Header Query' software location and click on direct. see blew picture

now minimize it and open your blogger for enjoy free net

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  1. vai kaaj korteche na..jodi help korten

  2. Chudna.......! Ai Guge kaj hoy na........

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  4. Thanks Forid share. but its Nor work. now here is working

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