Today I share a small widget for blogger,which is online visitor counter.if you add this widget in your blogger visitor see what number of visitor is in your blog now. if they see some number of visitor is online in your blogger, they try to belief this blog has some useful content. then they visit your blog pages.
It also helpful for you to know online visitors.

 How to add online visitor counter in blog 

You can easily add this widget by following blew steps
1. Go to your blog.
2. click on Layout and then click Add a Gadget
3. select HTML/javascript
4. type in title>> Online Counter
5. paste blew code in content area

<!-- BEGIN: Powered by -->
<center><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">sc_online_t(400029,"Users Online","#ff0000");</script><br><noscript><a href="">Free Tumblr Users Online Counter</a></noscript>

5. now click in save.
7. save arrangement and view your blog.
if you face any problem please comments

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