Now you can show your blog author profile image in google search results by complete today tutorial.
gogle search Engine has give us this advantage, most of new blogger do not know about it.
but it is very effective seo(search engine optimization) . if you do this visitor see your profile picture in their google search and visitor want to visit your blog or website. google search engine always try to place on top
which site has  show author image in search  results. so it has play a vital role for your website or blog.
it is also one kind of seo for you blog.

 how to image show in search result
You will need the following things to show picture in search reasult

1. you have own blog or website have an account of Google plus
3. you mast have  an about me page on blog/ website, if you don't have about me page, just create about me or just give a name about us .

Now follow blew steps:
A. on your blog /website header,footer or site paste blew code

<a href=""
  rel="author" target="_blank"> Join me on Google+</a>

B. Now replace 102374609863098638295   with your google + ID
c. GO TO YOUR Google + account and copy the disits from address bar like blew

step 2  
A. copy blew code and   paste  it in  your about me page 

 <a href=" ID"
  rel="me" target="_blank"> My Google Profile</a>


B.  replace here your google + ID disits same way like above.

STEP 3    

1. GO TO you google +  and  click EDIT 
    2: Check show visibility in searh result if you found this option check this.
3. Click Links area and given your blog link
4. click edit profile and check     show this tab on my profile.
5.    Upload image to google plus account. if you have already uploaded image on                     google plus acount then no need to upload image. its ok

        Finaly save you account and you are almost done.

test this go to here Google search

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