Today I share a simple tips for blogspot blogger, Which is    How to add a new level in many post at a   time.  In the same way you can add many post in a old level.
many blogger of blogspot platform know this technic but many of newbies don't know how do this. so today trick for those beginning  blogger. following this trick you can do it so lets start.

How to add a level for many post in 1 click
Do blew steps for do it.
1.go to your blog
2. Now go to>>  posts
3. now see blew picture

I write numbering steps here by  picture marked,
1. check it  if you add a level for all post in whole blog.
2. check manually in your desire post like picture mantioned by 2
3. now click here to expand or see old level/ level option
4.if you add new level, click here . and write your new level name then save if.
after few seconds it it done.
5. if you add old level just click  your old level it's done autometically.

you successfully add a level for many post

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