Google translator is a awesome tool of google. It help people to convert  text and document to another
language. This is a free multi-converter tool which provides us more than 70+ language.
It is help us to improve our english skill with vocabulary and grammertically.
we are easily convert any international language to our own language , that means our mother language.
It is also help to new blogger who try  grow up  their blog with little english language like.
It also help to newbies create post in effectively .

How to use Google translator tool

Google translator is magically free tool, you can use it to convert you text or documents, its provides english , hindi, pk, china , bengeli and 70+ language.

1. Go to >> Google Translator
2. see blew picture and follow the marking instruction.
3. input language is auto detect, if you see problem, select is manually,
4. then select translated language which means your desire language
5. google translater always translated automatic according to your input, if it is not, please click on
      Translate button

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