Well come to TRICK LINK. Today  I give a trick how to create a website for free. I know some of guy's do not like  any thing in free.  But I suggest at first you need create a free website if you wanna a web designer or web developer. because.
(1) when you using it free you have not any fear to lost it.
 (2) no risk
(3)  no need money

so start, to create a web site or blog two thing must, these are blew
(1) Domain name(your web site name, such as you get it free
(2) Hosting(here your web site data storage ) it also free

Domain:  you must have a domain name for create a web site. people visit your site  by this name. so first decide what kind of site you want to create. then you select a name with good search condition, for good keyword based name please use google keyword tool. select low compitation   keyword.

Now you need to resister it so go here  for free domain registration.
  here you see a box, put here your desire name and see to the  right side, here you find a pop up box choose a domain exitation such as .me.
 then press ok.

or you  go here for other free domains .
here u see

click registration and see blew picture
write your desire name and click go.

here u see this picture

 now u need dns setting.we get it from hosting site
 I write about it in part 2

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