Today we learn about setting and other option

you can see     how to create a video blog (part-1)
                      How to create a youtube video blog in blogger-templete designing(part-2)
>> go to blogger and sign in.
>>go to your blog and you see here blew page
>>click on setting option  and you see basic setting here.
>>> click on edit in title column you change your blog title.
>> click edit on 2 marking you add your blog description.
now go to here>>

>> click on posts and comments. here you see next page like blew picture
>> change post number to 20 and  click in add and write or copy paste blew code


<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="480" src="" width="690" height="480"></iframe><img border="0" height="0" src=" " width="0" />
now click on save . your are almost done.
in next post we post videos from youtube

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